Offene Frage-/ Sprechstunde des Fachschaftsrats

Offene Frage-/ Sprechstunde des Fachschaftsrats

Infos Erstiwoche: https://www.fsr-inf.uni-rostock.de/erstiwochen-2020/

Wir führen eine offene Frage-/ Sprechstunde ein! Sie findet ab dieser Woche jeden Donnerstag von 17 bis 19 Uhr per Zoom statt. Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, uns mit Fragen zu bombardieren und mit uns ins Gespräch zu kommen. Wir stehen generell für alle Fragen und Anregungen zum Informatikstudium sowohl für Studierende als auch für Studieninteressierte bereit.
Wir freuen uns schon darauf, euch am Donnerstag zu sehen!

We are establishing a contact hour! It will take place weekly on Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm via Zoom. Please feel free to ask us every question about the computer science courses. We are also open for any suggestions concerning and general conversation about our courses.
We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Machine Learning Bootcamp bei Ai Talents

Machine Learning Bootcamp bei Ai Talents

This fall, TechQuartier is hosting a new, exciting and free program focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Entrepreneurship.

AiTalents was created to bring together entrepreneurs, young professionals and students from all over the world to deepen their understanding of AI and how to use this technology to make a difference.

During a nine week bootcamp, participants will work in small teams on solutions using concrete data sets provided by real startups that are looking to expand their business models through the systematic use of data/machine learning.

In addition, various company partners and experts/coaches will offer insights and real-world ideas. All teams will be professionally coached and supported during the program.

This program is also a mixture of live and virtual learning opportunities. TechQuartier is gathering together thought leaders and teachers from many areas of AI and joining this knowledge with entrepreneurship expertise only like TechQuartier can do.

Once again, our program is free for all participants.

AiTalent’s goal – harness the technological possibilities together to impact the future.

TechQuartier’s goal – create opportunities for the future thinkers in Europe and world.

Applications are possible from now on and until 30 September 2020.

For further information please visit our website